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Discipleship and Missions

Pastor Colby can answer your questions about Sunday school, discipleship classes, missions, and student ministry.

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Rev. Huftalen shares five truths about grace from the story of Namaan.

This week Rev. Colby Huftalen shares seven paradoxes with Kingdom Living.

This week, we complete our Christmas series by looking at the ways in which we can find joy through Jesus Christ.

This week we look at the purpose of fasting, how to fast, and what it should expect from it.

Once we've chosen to follow Jesus, He takes full responsibility for us and the work that needs to be done in our lives. We can count on His faithfulness.

Jesus comes to us as a rescuer. We weren't designed by God to be slaves. That's why he offers freedom through his Son, Jesus.

Our culture has a strong tendancy to try to shape God in our own image. As individualists, we prefer to perceive Him in "our own way" rather than the way He has made Himself known to be in scripture. This week Pastor Colby takes a look at what it means to be "grounded in God's character."